Client Start Year End Year
Pasta Garofalo 2017 Current
Fatture in Cloud 2017 Current
Hamilton Watch 2017 Current
Smemoranda 2016 Current
Fazland 2016 Current
Zonin 2016 Current
Wyndham Worldwide 2015 Current
Cotolicious 2016 Current
Comcast Ventures 2017 Current
Canary 2016 Current

Simply put, People Ideas & Culture (PI&C to our friends) is a new idea in the world of marketing solutions that better reflects the needs of brands and businesses in the 21st century. PI&C is a strategic and creative solutions company that operates free from the limitations of specific disciplines, individual media channels and debilitating overhead. So we have the flexibility to put together exactly the right team, for the right type of solution, whatever the problem, with one goal in mind: inspiring the world to act.

  • Domenico Vitale

    Domenico Vitale

    Founder, Chief Idea Architect

  • Doug Raboy

    Doug Raboy

    Managing Partner, Chief Idea Architect

  • Mike Paletta

    Mike Paletta

    Managing Partner, Executive Producer

  • Enrico Gatti

    Enrico Gatti

    Partner, Head of Brand Architecture

  • Melissa Cordaro

    Melissa Cordaro

    Partner, Head of Project Architecture

  • Emilie Olsson

    Emilie Olsson

    Partner, Executive Visual Architect

  • Stefania Sessa

    Stefania Sessa

    Partner, Senior Visual Architect

  • Fanny Vasseur

    Fanny Vasseur

    Partner, Senior Producer

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