Client Start Year End Year 2016 Current
FTD 2017 Current
Fifth Third Bank 2016 Current
Yahoo! 2011 2013
Adobe Creative Cloud 2016 Current
Burger King 2012 2013
BevMo! 2011 2015
Ubisoft 2009 2010
Ad Council 2013 Current
Coca-Cola 2014 Current

Pereira & O'Dell is an international award-winning advertising agency that combines techniques from traditional advertising, digital, PR and design to create innovative campaigns, programs and products that are in sync with how consumers behave today. We believe our industrys traditional art of storytelling should be combined (not separated) with digitals ability to create experiences worth living on-demand. And with PRs ability of generating free media. And Designs talents to create images that last for decades. When exactly these things ended up getting separated, we dont know. But we are bringing them back together. Pereira & O'Dell is committed to creating cross-disciplinary campaigns for progressive marketers.

  • Andrew O'Dell

    CEO & Co-founder

  • PJ Pereira

    Creative Chairman & Co-founder

  • Rob Lambrechts

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Jason Apaliski

    Executive Creative Director

  • Henry Arlander

    Managing Director

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