Phalanx Digital is a boutique design/development studio located in Central Pennsylvania. Phalanx came together to provide quality design and development services for customer in need of digital production and strategy. Whether it is mobile applications, websites, or integration projects to make a business more efficient, Phalanx team of seasoned pros is available to fill the need.

Phalanx specializes in providing discreet creative and development services to marketing agencies and creative studios who have customers who need services. We operate with as much connection to the customer as is required and are perfectly happy to sit behind the scenes and develop winning strategies and products.

  • Paul Benninghove

    Paul Benninghove


    My job description for this is pretty simple. To be the passionate, focused, "Get it Done" pro i've always been. To deliver quality design and development services while building a close knit team of professional designers and developers who aren't interested in the traditional approach to agency work. It's about the customer and utilizing our expertise on their behalf to achieve success. To be treated like an expert you have to prove it. That's what we do. Duties: Creative Direction UX / UI Business Development Sales Brand Building Relationship Building and putting boot to ass every day for our customers.