Public Label is a full-service integrated creative agency that provides a channel-agnostic approach to solving business problems by hacking culture to uncover consumer motivations and identifying the corresponding cultural movements that drive their behavior.

In addition to a unique strategic approach to creative development, we have award-winning experiential and shopper marketing teams that allow us to give every part of the customer journey the attention it requires in today’s rapidly changing environment.

We develop our campaigns and programs with the customer at the center and interact with them on their terms because they hold all the power. Whether it’s keeping Ford Bronco customers excited along an extended purchase delivery, directing shoppers to a portfolio of Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream brands to keep happy on hand or turning kids into sports heroes by launching Tango League for adidas through events across North America, our finger on the pulse of the customer’s cultural influences keeps us focused on doing work that delivers business growth for our clients.