The one constant in this world is change. You can either adapt to it, ignore it, or lead it.

LEAD THE CHANGE is both our mission and our call to action. It speaks to our entrepreneurial spirit and our roots as an agency. It defines the way we think about brands, ideas and relationships, and it's alive
in our work.

Publicis Kaplan Thaler was founded with the express purpose of leading change for our clients.

Change that helps them to redefine the landscape and forge ahead of the competition.

Change that lets them become part of the public consciousness, and create a movement of passionate advocates.

We hope you will have a chance to view some of our work to see how we are leading change
for our clients.

  • Matthew Anderson

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Jeremy Holden

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Rob Feakins

    President and Chief Creative Officer

  • Robin Koval


  • Linda Kaplan Thaler