Not so long ago, we attended a lecture given by the editor of an esteemed news outlet. During the Q&A, we asked the speaker what insights he could glean from the content that was stickiest with readers. The editor paused and said, "Everyone believes they have a giant inside them. It's just a matter of how to get it out."

At Publicis, you'll often hear us say that our mission is to be the indispensable creative partner in our clients' marketing transformations. But what does that actually mean? To us, it’s about identifying their inner giant – the best, most fearless, most ingenious version of themselves – and then unshackling it, breathing oxygen into it, unleashing it to achieve greatness. It's a philosophy that shapes how we approach each of our clients' challenges. And one that we apply to ourselves and our people every day. Life is too short for giants to lie dormant!

We believe in the alchemy of creativity, technology, and intelligence. We partner our creative geniuses with our data nerds, our behavioral scientists with emerging technologists, all to unleash new types of communications, experiences and creative problem solving for our clients.

We are famous for taking on the world’s most complex and challenging marketing problems, and we find ourselves most compatible with those who are seeking change and recognize a need for transformation.

We see ourselves as is in continuous beta, ever-evolving from a traditional, full-service advertising agency to a next-generation model built on a culture of agility, humility and curiosity. Whether we’re partnering with a client exclusively out of Publicis New York or leveraging our ‘Power of One’ model by tapping into complementary capabilities across the Publics Groupe network, we thrive on producing novel solutions to propel brands, businesses and categories forward.