Purple Group is an award-winning strategic marketing communications and advertising
firm that leverages its expertise in the Hispanic, multi-cultural, and total markets to develop strategies and powerfully engaging messages that maximize impact. The cornerstone of our services is our Path to Insight process. Through this six-phased process we take a deep dive to garner insights to arrive at strategies to direct the plan development, implementation and measurements.

• Established: 2001
• Ownership: Private
• Headquarters: Chicago
• Certifications
• MBE/WBE - Certified by the City of Chicago
• DBE - Certified by the City of Chicago
• ACDBE – Certified by the City of Chicago
• FMBE - CMS Certification
• WOSB - Federal

To gain a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and goals in order to generate proactive ideas to build their brand, increase sales, engage the desired communities and meet the stated objectives.