Client Start Year End Year
Atlantic Health 2013 Current
Hershey's 2011 Current
Senseonics 2019 Current
Pentair 2018 Current
PG&E 2013 Current

The always-on consumer has more choices, more screens, and more companies competing for their attention. The raging pace of change brings even more challenges for digital marketers today.

How do companies authentically connect to consumer demands for more personalized and relevant content at every turn? How do brands stay relevant when confronted by an ever-shifting technology landscape? They turn to us.

R2i is a forward-thinking team of digital-savvy strategists, technology architects, and boundary-pushing creatives. Because in these digital times, delivering results is the only fuel powerful enough to accelerate business outcomes and create meaningful connections between brands and customers.

  • Dave Taub

    Dave Taub

    Managing Director

  • Chris Chodnicki

    Chris Chodnicki

    SVP Business Development, Co-Founder

  • Michael Paige

    Michael Paige

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Jay  Atcheson

    Jay Atcheson

    SVP Marketing