Raka is an award-winning digital agency and inbound marketing partner for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We create and implement strategies to help you reach your specific business goals, from lead generation, to sales, to branding, and more.

  • Duncan Craig

    Duncan Craig


    I'm a partner at Raka, a digital agency. We increase customer engagement online, which brings in more qualified leads and actually grows our clients's business in attainable, sustainable and measurable ways. Prior to co-founding Raka, I was the creative director for my firm Duncan Craig Design and I worked as one of the lead designers at Wunderkind Studios. I specialize in client relationships and new business development, designing strategies with our clients that will set them off on the right path from the start. Outside of my business, I'm passionate about art in all its forms and want to help support artists and arts organizations in any way that I can, including by serving on the boards of ArtSpeak and 3S ArtSpace. I am also an adjunct professor with the University of New Hampshire teaching digital marketing.