Client Start Year End Year
Aetna 2019 Current
Cornell Engineering 2023 Current
SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University 2022 Current
Bristol Health 2018 Current
UnitedHealthcare 2018 Current
Yankee Spirits 2019 Current
Wiley Educational Services 2020 Current
ebm papst 2022 Current
Ripe Bar Juice 2023 Current
Chelsea Groton Bank 2018 Current

A single source for brand and business solutions, Rebellion Group is an assembly of specialized service offerings that together create speed, efficiency, and growth through the defiance of expectations and assumed limitations.

  • Bryn  Tindall

    Bryn Tindall


  • Jen Tindall

    Jen Tindall

    Chief Legal Counsel & Human Resources

  • Bryan  Czajkowski

    Bryan Czajkowski

    Chief Operations Officer

  • James Dowd

    James Dowd

    Chief Creative Officer

  • BJ Kito

    BJ Kito

    Chief Strategy Officer