• Starbreeze And RED Games: First-Of-Its-Kind VR Experience

    Starbreeze And RED Games: First-Of-Its-Kind VR Experience

    tarbreeze and RED Games, a division of RED Interactive Agency, have partnered to create THE RAFT, a first-ever cooperative game experience for StarVR Virtual Reality HMD. THE RAFT will allow up to 4 people to play simultaneously, working together as a team navigating through the experience. What really sets a new bar for consumers is that THE RAFT leverages the advanced Starbreeze VR platform, their wide field of view virtual reality StarVR headset produced in collaboration with Acer, and other customized equipment, all of which allow for deeper levels of immersion not found in other platforms.

    prnewswire, 05/01/2017

  • Top 10 Agency Projects in Los Angeles

    Agency Spotter looked into the top agency projects in advertising, marketing and design. They recognized RED's work with Netflix in their "Top 10 Agency Projects in LA" feature.

    Agency Spotter, 02/25/2016

  • Michelob Ultra Aligns With Golf Via Twitter

    Michelob Ultra Aligns With Golf Via Twitter's PGA Amplify Program

    Developed with Red Interactive Agency, 13 six-second spots will run as mid-roll ads in weekly PGA Tour highlight reels through September.

    MediaPost, 05/10/2017

  • How BET worked with Red Interactive to reimagine their digital properties | The Drum

    How BET worked with Red Interactive to reimagine their digital properties | The Drum

    It's not every day that a major TV networks completely revamps it's digital properties. Perfectly timed with the major digital announcements from their upfront BET launched a brand new website and more that's built for a responsive, device-agnostic digital ecosystem.

    The Drum, 05/05/2016

  • Luxury Daily

    RED strategized and collaborated with Ferrari's Formula 1 racing division (Scuderia Ferrari) to devise the first pillar of Ferrari's new digital ecosystem. SocialSF All Access is an access digital destination for passionate Formula 1 fans.

    Luxury Daily, 04/04/2016

Client Start Year End Year
Samsung 2016 Current
AMC 2015 Current
Anheuser-Busch (multiple brands) 2015 Current
Disney and ESPN Media Networks 2006 Current
Hasbro 2015 Current
Walt Disney Company 2008 Current
Microsoft 2012 Current
Netflix 2013 Current
LEGO Group 2011 Current
Crayola 2016 Current

RED is a creative digital agency that’s focused on creating holistic, impactful customer experiences for brands. Customers are interacting with brands in an extremely fragmented media landscape, no longer following linear pathways. Expectations are higher than ever, set by endlessly-evolving benchmarks in interaction, design, data and technology. They expect brand experiences to be seamless, contextual and meaningful. Personal data should travel safely within a brand's ecosystem, and content should be available anywhere, anytime.

This is where we choose to focus our attention, our energy and our passion. We seek to deeply understand the modern customer, serve their motivations and behaviors, and create new brand experiences that set the benchmark for modern connected ecosystems.

We choose this because it is needed, and because it is the future for brands. And we plan to be there right beside them, guiding them to success.

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