Republica Havas is a leading creative, media, and communications agency that builds meaningful relationships between people and brands across cultures, traditions, and languages.

As a fiercely creative, strategy-driven agency, we dive deep into our clients' businesses to tackle challenges and unlock growth opportunities. We passionately share their brand stories through engaging, meaningful, and culturally relevant communications solutions.

  • Jorge Plasencia

    Jorge Plasencia

    Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

  • Luis Casamayor

    Luis Casamayor

    Co-Founder, Creative Chairman & President

  • Anthony Bianco

    Anthony Bianco

    Executive Vice President & General Manager

  • Tony Waissmann

    Tony Waissmann

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Catarina Gonçalves

    Catarina Gonçalves

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Natalie Pardo

    Natalie Pardo

    Director of Marketing and Business Development