There have been a lot of interesting conversations in
the world of advertising of late. About the latest shiny object, the greatest new technology. Agencies wanting to be idea companies and consultancies and, well, anti-agencies.Hoping to elevate themselves above the fray by emphasizing their newfound focus on virality and engagement and pass-along value. All important ideas, yes. But in that rush to get in front of a rapidly evolving marketing landscape, its easy to leave some very important things behind. For example, the three things we think are important: (1) We exist to persuade. To make someone care, feel something, change their mind, act on an impulse, talk about, share, unite and, ultimately, desire. (2) We do it best when we tell stories. Yes, across a far-reaching and changeable landscape. Stories that give a brand meaning and relevance, that charm and intrigue and surprise and inform. (3) Craft matters. The quality of an execution gives a narrative enormous power.