Client Start Year End Year
Barbie 2007 2010
Tommy Hilfiger 2007 2008
Mattel 2008 2010
Vitaminwater 2003 2006
two boots pizza 2012 Current
crowd twist 2012 2012
roberto coin 2010 2012
tanger outlet at The Arches 2010 2012
coalition for the homeless 2007 2009
happy hearts fund 2009 Current

like smart dogs, we're always sniffing. digging. searching. our mission is to create a fresh blend of creative and strategic ideas that produce challenging, intelligent, and iconic solutions for our clients. our goal is to make our clients brands relevant and accessible in the minds and hands of their consumers. simply and efficiently, working with our clients strategies to develop relevant solutions to address their marketing needs. and like smart dogs, by reading this we've just marked our territory.

  • Christian Hosford

    Founder, Creative Director