Client Start Year End Year
NJ Transit/EZPASS 2014 Current
The New York Wheel 2014 Current
Fresh Books 2014 Current
Conference IQ 2014 Current
Columbia University 2014 Current
LaTam Airlines 2014 Current
Orange Theory Fitness 2014 Current
Bacardi 2014 Current

RUXLY is a full service creative agency/ electric league of crafty creatures. You can find us making art, music, world wide web and digital creations at our studios in Miami, San Francisco, and New York City. We are your partner in illuminating the genius and magic in every project.

Creative Services

- Branding & Development

- Video Production

- Animation & Motion Graphics

- Custom Songwriting/ Music Production

- Audio Branding & Sound Design

- Graphic Design

- Web / Mobile Development & Marketing

- SEO & Lead Generation

- Social Media Marketing & Strategies