Client Start Year End Year
GRAPHISOFT 2017 Current
Spencer Trask 2010 Current
QT Breasthealth 2018 Current
Premier Pure Hand Sanitizer 2020 Current
City National Bank 2015 Current
Cytellix Cybersecurity 2019 Current
Orange County United Way 2018 Current
IKIN Inc. 2017 Current
Modern Vascular 2019 Current
Indigo Auto Group 2019 2020

Sagon-Phior grows businesses by building better relationships between a brand and their target audience through emotional marketing, branding and technology.

As a full service marketing agency, our primary purpose is to create ideas that affect how people feel. Creative branding, emotional marketing and technology are used to better understand human motivation and behavior in relationship to a brand. This guides the marketing and branding strategies we develop to engage a target audience and enhance the customer experience. Greater awareness, deeper brand loyalty and business growth are the measurable results of our process. We have applied the philosophy of emotional marketing to branding and marketing programs from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies for decades. Emotional and creative content captivates at a greater visceral and emotional level. There is no replacement for powerful and original storytelling and imagery.