Since our founding — 2008…now, that’s timing! — we’ve believed that if you put people first, everything else will work out. (Sort of the opposite of what we had all experienced at those enormous agencies). Turns out, our instincts were on the mark.

As for the team? We only hire great people who happen to be exceptional at what they do. There is no ‘B’ team—the people you meet are the ones who will work on your business.

You see, we were born with this weird defect. The accountability gene. Rare in business. Nearly unheard of in advertising.

We started with one client, as a creative boutique. Today, we’re full service: creative, media, video, digital, analytics, social. Heck, all the food groups. And while we’re proud of that, and of the awards and the growth we’ve enjoyed, we’re most proud of the team we’ve assembled.