Sean Tracey Associates (STA), a branding and marketing firm, was launched in 1985 by Sean Tracey, a creative director and commercial TV director. He left his national TV career to establish a thriving advertising firm in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (less than an hour outside Boston, and considered to be one of the coolest places to reside in America).

Along the way, he built a company of talented, like-minded ad professionals — all working together to forge loyal, long-term relationships with satisfied clients across multiple industries, ranging from regional financial institutions to hospitals and food and beverage companies, including TD Bank, MasterCard, McDonalds, Pizzeria UNO, and Bigelow Tea. STA specializes in brand strategy with a great history of motion-picture storytelling, both broadcast and long-form video.

Our clients love our guts, our innovation, our passion and our uncanny knack for growing their businesses. The marketing and advertising world is ever-changing, and STA, by nature, is nimble and quick on its feet. We observe and evolve, and are surprised to look back and find some of our larger and most fierce competitors running more than a bit behind schedule.

The result? A successful (we’re happy to report) and excitingly-unique marketing and advertising company that produces national quality, ROI-proven, independently tested results at a very surprising price-point. Our experienced, tech-savvy team works smart to assure that all our clients meet their most challenging brand objectives.

Recently, we took it a step further and launched LatinLink, our newest division formed to help marketers and advertisers connect with the fast-growing, upwardly mobile Hispanic population in New England and throughout the U.S.