Four things set us apart:

1. Our structure: We will never take on more than three clients at once, guaranteeing hands-on attention of the agency principals and the efficiency that results when you do away with big agency bureaucracy. We currently have 2 clients: Jack in the Box, a 2,200 unit fast food chain; and the Southern California Honda Dealers, a 60 dealership group comprising Honda's largest market.

2. Our track record: We have turned parity products into famous brands. Jack in the Box advertising generates returns at a rate far greater than its share of voice and far above every one of its competitors.

3. Our production expertise: We have created, directed produced over 400 television and 200 radio commercials for Jack in the Box. We are not just the architects of the campaign, we are also the contractors.

4. Our long running campaigns: We believe long running campaigns become assets that increase in value, rather than just an expense that must be covered year after year.