Shepherd is a full-service Jacksonville and Atlanta ad agency that has been crafting smart, creative consumer and business-to-business marketing solutions since 1984.

Founded by Robin Shepherd as a creative studio, our team brings more than three decades of insights and perspectives gained by working with a broad range of regional, national and global B2B and B2C companies. We know that great work is not created in departments or silos, so our team of strategists, artists, developers, media buyers and public relations professionals work together to craft seamless, idea-driven, integrated solutions that solve YOUR challenges.

OUR MISSION: TO SAVE THE WORLD from the bland and boring, pedestrian and ineffective marketing that threatens to numb consumers to death on a daily basis.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Our agency philosophy is very straightforward, and one that we’ve had great success with thanks to our excellent listening skills, strategic thinking, and creative abilities.

Say the right things,
In the right places,
To the right people,
At the right time,
In memorable and motivating ways.