Sid Lee works closely with our clients on everything from the brands and products they need to bring to market, the experiences they want to deliver to customers, and the communications and activations required to create demand, secure growth, and exceed customer expectations. Our focus includes:

Branding and Experience – We bring new brands and products to market, or help existing ones overcome anonymity, commodification, and stagnation.

Advertising & Marketing Communications – Online and offline, we deliver the activation required to create demand, secure growth, and exceed customer expectations.

Social – Our team provides unmatched global solutions for managing social media and creating high-impact campaigns that are culturally relevant and locally optimized. We consistently deliver newsworthy headlines, trending topics, and millions of dollars of earned media for our social clients.

Experiential – We’re behind the unforgettable and unexpected experiences that create epic customer loyalty.

Content & Production – At the heart of Sid Lee is the Sid Lee Studio one of the largest in-house creative and production teams in the industry. Our network of creators from around the world, coupled with our in-house studios and editing facilities, deliver quality work at the speed (and cost) of the internet. We are rethinking and challenging both traditional agencies and production companies by integrating technology, content, and consumer experience.

Digital Experience Platforms – We have over 200 experts who specialize in delivering exquisite and effective online experiences integrating seamlessly with our teams to deliver end-to-end CX.

Data & CRM – Tools & expertise to understand current customers, conquer best prospects and prevent defection. Developing models to improve client acquisition rates and build brand loyalty.

Architecture and interior design–Our team of architects and interior designers creates spaces that build brands, literally. From California to Japan, we’ve made a name for ourselves based on our user-centric approach, and our ability to transform retail spaces into experiential hubs by incorporating technology and communications into the design process.

  • Andy Bateman

    Andy Bateman

    CEO, US

  • Cam Levin

    Cam Levin

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Nirm Shanbhag

    Nirm Shanbhag

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Melissa  Spano

    Melissa Spano

    Head of Client Partnerships

  • Michelle Bekas

    Michelle Bekas

    Head of Program Management

  • Jason Berk

    Jason Berk

    Head of Social Digital

  • Tara Charf

    Tara Charf

    VP of Finance

  • Jen Adler

    Jen Adler

    Director, Talent Management and Operations

  • Annie Ly-Quan

    Annie Ly-Quan

    Head of Growth, USA