• 5 Unique And Fast-Growing Brand Marketers Give Advice For 2018

    With the new year every CMO and marketer is taking stock of what they did this year and new approaches they’d like to take in 2018. While we’re all sick of the coined phrase “out of the box thinking” — these folks have successfully built their companies using unique marketing tactics that may not be the typical fare CMO's are used to. These are entrepreneurs, hustlers, the guys that forged their own path in 2017 and beyond. Marketers and entrepreneurs should pay attention here because we all know that one tactic can move the needle in a positive direction. Below are some words of advice from some brand marketers from brands that are not exactly household names but provide some very sound advice going into 2018. Each is followed by yours truly take.

    Forbes, 01/05/2018

  • How to Talk to Your Advertisers About Email Marketing
 | Inland Press Association

    How to Talk to Your Advertisers About Email Marketing | Inland Press Association

    Today, it’s not enough for advertisers to run a single type of marketing campaign. “You can’t have all your eggs in one basket anymore,” explains Brandon Rosen, CEO and …

    Inland Press Association, 02/15/2018

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