Here at Smart Media Group we like swim in the deep end.

We constantly seek projects that challenge us and push our boundaries. We don't believe in just pursing the status quo: we are innovators, risk takers, and doers who craft independent, authentic solutions for each and every client need.

Based in Alexandria, VA, Smart Media was founded by Kyle Roberts, one of the nation's top political media strategists. Since our incorporation in 2005, Smart Media has placed over $1B in all 210 media markets and represented causes in every state and Washington, DC.

  • Rande Levine

    Rande Levine

    Senior Media Buyer

  • Carolyn Good

    Carolyn Good

    Senior Media Buyer

  • Rachel Pugh

    Rachel Pugh

    Media Assistant

  • Brian  Gore

    Brian Gore

    Media Planner

  • Kurt Pickhardt

    Kurt Pickhardt

    Director of Digital Media

  • Lindsay Ragghianti

    Lindsay Ragghianti

    Media Director

  • Lauren Morenko

    Lauren Morenko

    Director of Client Services

  • Paul Winn

    Paul Winn

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Kyle  Roberts

    Kyle Roberts