Client Start Year End Year
Veggie Grill 2015 2016
Paramount 2015 Current
Westfield 2015 Current
East Coast Wings 2015 Current
California Pizza Kitchen 2014 2016
Entertainment Weekly 2014 Current
20th Century Fox 2016 Current
The Cheesecake Factory 2012 2016

Socialtyze is a leading full service social media agency made up of a team of content creators, social strategists and developers who have helped brands to live, breathe and thrive in social since 2007. Today more than ever, brands must find ways to engage in multi-dimensional conversations with their customers and connect with them in ways that go far beyond their product or service. We are big believers in Story Starting vs. storytelling, and we empower brands to start meaningful conversations that their fans and advocates can continue in the social space.

  • Kevin Preval

    Kevin Preval

    Content Manager

  • Corey Jackson

    Corey Jackson

    Creative Director

  • Justine Bakhshi

    Justine Bakhshi

    Senior Influencer Marketing Manager

  • Sean Boylan

    Sean Boylan

    Client Partner

  • John Bohan

    John Bohan

    CEO + Founder