Client Start Year End Year
Samsung 2007 Current
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 2019 Current
Lionsgate 2018 Current
Lowe's 2017 Current
KraftHeinz 2012 Current
Novartis 2011 Current
Kellogg's 1950 Current
Allstate 1957 Current
Olive Garden 2010 Current
Visa 2015 Current

We are the Human Experience Company. We believe the alchemy of people and technology creates experiences people love and actions brands need.

Today, people don’t follow the traditional path to purchase. People create their own desire lines, bypassing barriers based on individual needs. We drive growth by creating intersections between people’s desire lines and brands’ trajectories, using deep, data-driven understanding of human behavior to design holistic, technology-enabled experiences that fuel both human and business outcomes.

Our Human Experiences are celebrated for creativity and effectiveness. In 2016, Starcom captured 39 honors at the international Cannes Lions festival, a testament to our world-class creativity. At the same time, the Effie Awards ranked Starcom as the most effective media network in America—our title for six years running. In 2017, the Gunn Report named Starcom the most-awarded agency in the world.

  • Kathy Ring

    Kathy Ring

    CEO, Starcom US

  • Ken  Zasky

    Ken Zasky

    COO, Starcom US

  • Kristina Lutz

    Kristina Lutz

    President, Investment, Starcom US

  • Danielle Gonzales

    Danielle Gonzales

    President, Chief Client Officer, Starcom US

  • Karla Knecht

    Karla Knecht

    President, Chief Client Officer, Starcom US

  • Judy Yeh

    Judy Yeh

    President, Chief Client Officer, Starcom US

  • Gina Jacobson

    Gina Jacobson

    EVP, Managing Director, Starcom US

  • Stephanie Stopulos

    Stephanie Stopulos

    Executive Vice President, Starcom US