Stein IAS is one of the few specialist B2B agencies with global scale. We live and breathe business marketing. It’s in our DNA, it’s what we love and it’s what we’ve been doing longer than anyone else.

We have continually been at the forefront of the latest thinking in this area. We have pioneered the world’s first purposed-designed approach to B2B brand, creative and marketing integration that we call Mi3 – a process that has propelled us to the very top of the B2B agency world. Our ability to move seamlessly from brand strategy to marketing strategy and execution is a core strength.

Importantly, our focus is on working with brands that are committed to activation – that is, to accelerating awareness, driving demand, creating heightened momentum, re-positioning themselves to capitalize on opportunity or catapulting beyond perceptual/image issues, launching new products and programs – in general, to invigorating or re-invigorating themselves from the standpoint of brand and demand.

We have a considerable track record of success working with such brands in categories ranging from technology, financial services and telecommunications…to travel/hospitality, manufacturing, education, pharmaceutical, business advisory services and other complex categories.

With six offices (New York, San Francisco, London, Manchester, Paris and Shanghai), spanning three continents and employing more than 125 B2B marketing specialists in planning, creative, digital, PR, social, mobile and content disciplines, Stein IAS enables the worlds B2B brands navigate most complex buyer journeys.