Superdigital is your off-site-in-house designery and marketing department. It is our mission to create meaningful engagement between brands and their audiences, and to do so for our clients, we only select a handful of brands each year to partner with.

Our approach tackles the unique challenges of marketing in the digital landscape by creating content and messaging that cut through the noise. We ensure that your brand is properly reaching all channels, effectively communicating with your customers and creating a seamless and quality experience.

As for services, we do it all. It's about what our clients need and their ability to depend on us to get them there. Be it brand, strategy, planning, creative, web, e-commerce, events, print, media, video, social, email, photography, our small and nimble team is designed to cater to our client partners' needs.

  • Assaf  Swissa

    Assaf Swissa

    Founder & Creative Director

    founder & creative director When he founded Superdigital in 2013, Assaf was driven to create an agency that would cut through the red tape and allow good ideas to come first. As a serial entrepreneur, Assaf had seen each of his businesses tackle the many challenges of marketing, but what most resonated were the many challenges of working with marketing agencies. As Superdigital took on its first clients and projects, Assaf and his team quickly proved that agencies could work better. Today, he spends his time writing and producing with a special taste for all things comedy and entertainment.
  • Grace Moshfegh

    Grace Moshfegh

    Partner & CEO

    As a founding member of Superdigital, Grace has seen the agency through all areas of growth, from accounts and operations to creative and production. Her entrepreneurial mindset has allowed her to approach the world of marketing and advertising with a fresh perspective, where she lends her personal experience as a business owner and product marketer to her clients and their brands. Between working with our clients and managing the team, Grace’s favorite moments are spent in the studio where she can engage in her two passions for food and photography.