TFI Envision
The Connection to Conversion Agency.

Since 1975, the TFI Envision team has been carefully curated to deliver excellence across multiple disciplines. 
Our award winning work is accomplished by understanding what connects people, and what motivates them to be brand loyal. We use this knowledge to creatively reach them in the most direct way. Our culture is built on community service and pride.
Our clients include Unilever, Edgewell, BBB Industries, Standard Motor Products, Old World Industries, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Fairfield County's Community Foundation, and more.
Our work consists of brand strategy and development, through to everything that touches a brand - from packaging, promotion, video, web, social, advertising, events, etc.

  • Honey Lee Ball

    Honey Lee Ball

    Office Mascot and Therapist

    Honey joined TFI Envision as a puppy in 2006. She is the latest of the TFI Envision tradition of having an office mascot, who also doubles as a therapist for both staff and clients. Actually, she is part of a Certified Pet Therapy team with Liz, and works not only at TFI Envision, but also volunteers at a local hospital and other locations providing her special brand of pet therapy. Ever ready to roll over and let you pet her belly, she brings a smile to everyone just being here. Honey is a Havanese. Her predecessors included Dizz Lee and Grizz Lee, both Wheaten Terriers; a bird named Patsy; and a basset hound neighbor named Ellie that couldn’t resist coming over for treats.
  • Amy Beth Pollard

    Amy Beth Pollard

    Office Manager / Bookkeeper

    Amy joined TFI Envision in 1995 as our bookkeeper, and has grown her position to include all that goes into being a top Office Manager. She has been instrumental in developing our robust, proprietary internal database system which allows our entire team to work seamlessly from project to project with a clear understanding of every aspect of each project. Amy ensures that all invoicing is handled efficiently with complete information per each client’s particular needs. She ensures that our office environment is comfortable and up to date. And she makes sure all our bills are paid on time. In addition, Amy manages to raise a family of 4 beautiful children with her husband, while juggling this full time position.
  • Catherine Smith

    Catherine Smith

    Sr. Communications Coordinator

    Catherine joined TFI Envision in 2012 and is a model of efficiency and organization. She is passionate about our client’s needs and will go above and beyond to deliver results, on time and on budget. Her background includes management and coordination of a supermarket in-store couponing and sampling program in 5,000 stores with Donnelly Marketing; monthly purchase coordination of more than $60 million in machines for Ricoh Americas Corporation; and recipient of the Minori Award and Ricoh Family Group Customer Service Award in recognition of efforts to provide excellent support to Ricoh’s customers. Catherine also volunteers and serves on several committees for various local nonprofits.
  • Mary Ellen Butkus

    Mary Ellen Butkus

    VP / Sr. Art Director

    Mary Ellen has been with TFI Envision, Inc. since 2000. She brings a wealth of experience in consumer packaged goods with a strong focus on brand development, packaging and promotion. Mary Ellen has a passion for event marketing, leaving no detail too small to address. Prior to joining TFI Envision, she worked in packaging and design firms in Connecticut, Northern and Southern Europe. She has over 25 years of experience in the field, and speaks 2 languages.
  • Elizabeth Ball

    Elizabeth Ball

    President / Creative Director

    Liz has been in the business of design for over 35 years. Design is part of her DNA. With projects ranging from designing a sailing trophy for the House of Fabergé to developing the graphics for a new iPhone app, Liz has enjoyed an enormous variety of design challenges throughout the years. Leading a team of creative professionals at TFI Envision, they work together on strategic solutions for global clients such as Honeywell, Unilever, Edgewell, American Express and Xerox, as well as a range of not-for-profit organizations such as Angel Flight NE, Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, Fairfield County's Community Foundation and Inspirica. Liz also serves on the Board of Directors and is Fundraising Chairperson of Keystone House; a member of the Partners Council for Angel Flight NE; a Therapy Dog Team volunteer with her dog Honey; Communications Advisor for Living with Elephants Foundation based in Botswana, Africa; and travels whenever time allows to the far reaches of the globe.