Client Start Year End Year
Aperol Spritz 2012 2015
Biofreeze 2018 2019
Bolthouse Farms 2017 2019
Bumble Bee Foods 2019 Current
Chambord 2013 2018
Coca-Cola 2012 2014
Fanduel 2018 Current
Fathom Events 2019 Current
Finlandia Vodka 2013 2014
Full Throttle 2012 Current

We are The Many, an agency built to help clients navigate the biggest power shift in human history. The shift in power from the few to the many.

Our story began in 2010 when our founders recognized the shifting tides away from monolithic AOR relationships to a world where speed and agility were the new currency. Our agency was designed to offer rigorous brand strategy and head-turning creative on a project by project basis. This led to creating amazing work for brands like Hot Wheels and Jägermeister and winning Small Agency of the Year in 2011 at the tender age of one, with only 10 employees, then winning again in 2014 and 2018.

From those early days to a decade later, and 86 people strong with an office on each coast (LA & Boston), we have continued to evolve and add capabilities to face the fundamental unmet need.

2010: Big thinking, no commitments.
2012: Social and digital with strategic rigor and unrelenting creative standards.
2014: In-house production studio for increased speed and cost-effectiveness.
2017: Full media planning, buying and data analytics to deepen insights and bolster accountability.
2020: Becoming the best agency in the world at developing its people.

Our hustle and hard work has evolved us from the go-to agency for strategy and creative projects to an increasingly rare breed of full-service independent agency delivering many capabilities tuned for speed.

Our clients range from quick sprints on strategic and creative assignments to full blown AORs, media-only clients and social-only clients.

  • Christian Jacobsen

    Christian Jacobsen

    Partner, Brand Management & Strategy

  • Todd Lombardo

    Todd Lombardo

    Managing Director, Brand & Social

  • Maggie  Cadigan

    Maggie Cadigan

    Managing Director, Boston

  • Melissa Cabral

    Melissa Cabral

    Group Strategy Director

  • Amir Haque

    Amir Haque

    Partner, Media & Business Strategy

  • Jens Stoelken

    Jens Stoelken

    Partner, Operations & Production

  • Scott Harris

    Scott Harris

    Partner, Executive Creative Director

  • Damien Eley

    Damien Eley

    Partner, Executive Creative Director

  • Blake Marquis

    Blake Marquis

    Partner, Executive Creative Director

  • Celine Faledam

    Celine Faledam

    Associate Creative Director

  • Davis Jones

    Davis Jones

    Managing Director, Media Services

  • Dave Horowitz

    Dave Horowitz

    Director of Integrated Production

  • Kristin Busk

    Kristin Busk

    Director, Social Innovation

  • Iman Forde

    Iman Forde

    Director of Project Management