Client Start Year End Year
Benjamin Moore 2012 Current
Discover Financial 2006 Current
DoubleTree by Hilton 2017 Current
Eaton (media only) 2012 Current
HealthMart (media only) 2006 Current
GEICO 1994 Current
Hanes 2001 Current
JFK Presidential Library and Museum 1994 Current
KAYAK 2016 Current
Kohls 2018 Current

Our strength lies not in a type of account, category or even a style of work. Our strength is our ability to help brands find and tap into new energy. Energy that fuels growth, powers big ideas and breathes new life into the relationship between the brand and consumers. We’ve created new energy for brands across industries, from consumer packaged goods and retail to financial services and car insurance. We brought the wonder back to Oreo, helping the world’s leading cookie capture new share and a double-digit increase in consumption around the world. We found GEICO’s sense of humor and helped the company grow from the #8 to the #2 insurance company in the U.S. We helped transform UPS from the world’s leading shipping company to the world’s leading supply chain and logistics provider by asking, “What can Brown do for you?” and injected a sense of humanity into the world’s largest company, Walmart. We create energy in ways far beyond traditional advertising. We’ve created a line of paint, a comprehensive design website and a platform for community engagement for Benjamin Moore. We designed a digital experience around the Cuban Missile Crisis for the JFK library that became the most awarded digital experience in the world in 2013 and is still being used as a teaching aid today. And we challenged consumers to think about faucets in a different way, commissioning famous jewelry designers from around the world to create statement piece necklaces based on Moen’s designs.

  • Kristen  Cavaollo

    Kristen Cavaollo

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Beth Rilee-Kelley

    Beth Rilee-Kelley


  • Chris Shumaker

    Chris Shumaker

    Chief Marketing Officer, Managing Director - Growth

  • Michael Chapman

    Michael Chapman

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Janet White

    Janet White

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Liz Toms

    Liz Toms

    SVP Director of Business Development

  • Chris Mumford

    Chris Mumford

    Managing Director, IPG Integrated Solutions

  • Steve Humble

    Steve Humble

    Managing Director, Integrated Production and Design

  • Ian Davidson

    Ian Davidson

    Managing Director, International

  • Dean Jarrett

    Dean Jarrett

    Chief Communications Officer


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