The Miller Group was founded in 1990, and we’ve put those years of experience to work for clients who value a digital marketing company that’s battle tested, and willing – actually insisting - to be measured on performance; a digital creative agency that won’t be out-thought, and can’t be outworked. One dedicated to growth, but never surrendering to bureaucracy. If you make marketing decisions for a middle market company, and you’ve outgrown your small marketing company, or outsmarted your big one, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Bill Wiliams

    Bill Wiliams

    Client Services Director

  • Kate Cochrane

    Kate Cochrane

    Associate Creative Director

  • Gary Bettman

    Gary Bettman

    Sr. Vice President & Head of Production

  • Renee Miller

    Renee Miller

    President & executive Creative Director