Client Start Year End Year
NatureSweet 2010 Current
Sara Lee Breads 2015 Current
Thomas' 2004 Current
Bridgestone 2015 Current
Barilla 2012 Current
3M 2015 Current
Bank of America 2005 Current
PepsiCo 1995 Current
The Hershey Company 2003 Current
The Clorox Company 2008 Current

TPN is a dynamic-retail marketing agency: born in tradition, fueled by innovation and living at the intersection of traditional retail and emerging commerce. Our strength is in intimately understanding the ever-evolving retail landscape and helping our clients succeed. Our mission is simple: to make the buy happen. And our three core practice areas to do that are Shopper Marketing, Retailer Marketing, and Consumer Marketing.

We don’t try to be everything to everyone, and we don’t over promise. We just focus on being experts at what we do. TPN’s differentiated service offerings come from embracing the world of connected experiences, where digital meets physical. Our support services of Digital Marketing and Commerce, Technology and Innovation, and User Experience Design ensure that we deliver on our promise to reimagine and deliver in today’s connected world of commerce. TPN is a part of The DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom Group Inc. Offices: Austin, Bentonville, Chicago, Dallas, Hershey, Los Angeles, New York, Richmond, San Francisco and the UK.

  • Rich Feitler

    Rich Feitler

    President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Sharon Love

    Sharon Love


  • Nancy Shamberg

    Nancy Shamberg

    Managing Director, Shopper Marketing

  • Manolo Almagro

    Manolo Almagro

    Managing Director, Retail Technology and Innovation

  • Tim Austin

    Tim Austin

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Joe Scartz

    Joe Scartz

    Managing Director, Digital Commerce & Integration


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