Client Start Year End Year
Big 12 Athletic Conference 2022 Current
Butterfinger 2023 Current
Crunch 2022 Current
Intuit 2022 Current
Hulu 2022 Current
Pepsi 2022 Current
Ally Financial 2022 Current
Apple 2022 Current
Big 12 Conference 2022 Current
Eli Lilly and Company 2021 Current

Translation was founded in 2004, on the premise that brands that lead culture fare better than brands that follow culture. Though we took a round of venture capital in 2017 to create our sister company UnitedMasters, we remain fiercely independent.

We identify, activate, and scale cultural insights for the world’s most prestigious brands by helping them find the single truth of theirs – truths often overlooked, but seldom unknown – that can become a movement.

Think of this as our superpower: making the invisible impossible to ignore.
Brands value and seek to experience our special sauce because we employ culture as a canvas to illustrate a brand’s unique point of view in ways that connect with consumers through a multitude of mediums. As an agency, we converge culture, technology, and storytelling to shift industries.

  • Steve Stoute


  • Chaucer Barnes


  • Susanna Swartley

    Head of Client Services

  • Jason Campbell

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Alison Hill

    Head of Integrated Production

  • Sandi Preston

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Joel Rodriguez

    Executive Director, Context Planning

  • Courtney Nally

    Head of Talent Management

  • Ed Lau

    Head of Operations

  • Fabian Villenas

    VP, Finance

  • Shanice Graves

    Director, Marketing & Comms