Client Start Year End Year
Syngenta 2001 2011
Boy Scouts of America 2005 Current
Michelin North America 1995 Current
Nutro - Natural Choice 2010 Current
Home Meridian 2011 Current
Al Capone 2012 Current
PDX Biotech 2012 Current
Mars Symbioscience -Wisdom Panel 2008 Current
Uniroyal Tire 1996 2011
Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) 2009 Current

One compelling firefly can set the flashing for thousands. Much like people, fireflies respond to signals they find relatable. So, with a compelling enough firefly in the mix, it doesnt take long before the entire horizon of fireflies is synchronized to the rhythm of the one. We call it The Firefly Effect.

Brands connect with people in much the same way. Each brand has a unique energy.

At Trone Brand Energy, our job is to focus the energy by creating relevance and amplifying it outward.

We create The Firefly Effect with brands in the world of their audience.

Our power lies in creating brand energy that people want to embrace and transfer to others. By building upon fundamental truths of human interaction, we spread brand energy across their world.

We are Brand Energists.

We are Trone Brand Energy.