Client Start Year End Year
Off the Eaten Path 2021 Current
Opendoor 2022 Current
Fowler Packing Company 2021 Current
Bay Alarm 2021 Current
HiRoad 2021 Current
Carter's 2021 Current
Discount Tire 2021 Current
Peelz 2021 Current
Pizza Express 2021 Current
Frito-Lay/Variety Packs 2020 Current

We are an independent creative company with scale, hell-bent on driving sustained growth for our partners.

Our VB+P community and culture are defined by two key elements — our business philosophy and our values. Our business philosophy is fairly simple:
Do right by people - clients, employees & consumers. The rest takes care of itself.

We firmly believe that if we focus on creating an environment and community where people can thrive and focus on being a valuable partner to our clients, then everything else – growth, $, awards – will follow. We’ve used this philosophy to govern our business for the past 20 years; and so far, so good.

Our value statements, which have also been with us the last two decades, are TRUTH, FIRE & LOVE. It is through these key operating principles that we’ve been able to foster and grow a community that leads with collaboration, proactiveness and humanity.

  • Paul Venables

    Paul Venables

    Founder, Chairman

  • Kate  Jeffers

    Kate Jeffers


  • Gavin  Jones

    Gavin Jones

    Managing Director

  • Will  McGinness

    Will McGinness

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Brittni Hutchins

    Brittni Hutchins

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Jasmine  Clark

    Jasmine Clark

    Head of Strategy