From a basement in their neighborhood cul-de-sac to a renovated 10,000 square foot circa 1920 warehouse, Mike Grice and Brad Bennett started Wildfire from below the ground up in 2002. With the sole intention of doing what they love, in a town that they love, with clients that demand the love and attention they deserve from a marketing company.

We specialize in our promise to our clients...grow their business while we lower their blood pressure.

This is at the root of what drives the ideas that motivate and drive our clients business with the highest quality strategic and creative product. Whether its to take action or fuel the water cooler buzz, its our digitally driven, commerce based creative approach thats designed to expand your bottom line growth, not our trophy case. Although a shiny desk ornament every now and then never hurt anyone.

Oh, and everyone who works here actually likes working here, so thats always a plus.