Client Start Year End Year
Equinox 2017 Current
Intuit QuickBooks 2020 Current
Jiffy Lube 2022 Current
Mead Johnson & Company 2021 Current
NBC Universal 2019 Current
Shipt 2022 Current
Spanx 2021 Current
TransUnion 2018 Current
Vuori 2018 Current
Whirlpool Corporation 2019 Current

Wpromote is an award-winning independent marketing agency that is built for Challengers: brands looking to outsmart vs. outspend the competition and connect performance at every stage of the funnel to business outcomes. We make sure our clients win by powering change in the industry, from best-in-class media strategy and marketing expertise to innovative creative and proprietary tech.

We believe every client, from legacy enterprise brands like Whirlpool to fast-growing DTCs like Vuori to B2B powerhouses like Intuit QuickBooks, can Think Like A Challenger and with the right partner. Our mission is to create and deploy integrated, agile marketing that drives significant results and long-term sustainable growth for our clients across channels and disciplines.

We use a profit-focused marketing approach powered by the perpetual engine of real-time data and intentional marketing strategy. Our teams serve as true partners to our clients, integrating with in-house teams to achieve and surpass goals by focusing on core business objectives that aren’t solely focused on channel performance, but actual, holistic impact on the outcomes that matter most.

Wpromote’s best-in-class experts are able to think outside of the box and challenge the status quo because we actively foster a culture that prioritizes creativity, innovation, and passion. We leverage our proprietary tech platform Polaris to enable advanced analytics, automation, and data science capabilities that empower our clients to make better business decisions and get the edge in an increasingly competitive digital environment.

We help every client accelerate business outcomes through marketing that is truly data-driven, not just data-informed; that creates demand, not just captures it; that predicts the future, instead of just responding faster to changes. We’re here to make brands and businesses better, faster, stronger—and more profitable.

  • Paul  Dumais

    Paul Dumais

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Michael Stone

    Michael Stone

    Chief Relationship Officer

  • Michael  Block

    Michael Block

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Paul Rappoport

    Paul Rappoport


  • Michael Mothner

    Michael Mothner

    Founder & CEO