Wyse Advertising is one of Ohio's largest independent full-service agencies. Wyse has a proven track record for building national consumer brands. With Wyse, Smucker's and Applebee's grew to No. 1; Sherwin-Williams Stores become the No. 1 paint store in America; and Purell doubled its marketshare. Integrated divisions target and motivate fragmented audiences and include interactive, direct marketing, content marketing, media buying/planning and brand planning. Wyse's Planning Group, unlike at most agencies, is not limited to understanding consumer voice and is staffed by a team of experienced brand strategists and researchers who provide: Full-fledged corporate planning and marketing decision support; go-to-market strategies based on effective brand positioning; in-depth analyses of marketing situations and competitive landscapes; and salient market segmentation.

  • Linda Bremkamp

    Linda Bremkamp

    VP, Strategic Planning

  • Susanne Brockman

    Susanne Brockman

    SVP, Media Director

  • Lane Strauss

    Lane Strauss

    VP, Creative Director

  • Julie Telesz

    Julie Telesz

    VP, Director of Account Management

  • Michael Marino

    Michael Marino