Client Start Year End Year
Analog Devices, Inc. 2018 Current
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association 2017 Current
Cargill - Nutrena and ProElite brands 2016 Current
CSG International 2017 Current
EffecTV - Comcast 2017 Current
Ecolab 2016 Current
Marmot 2020 Current
Marshfield Clinic Health System 2018 Current
Stonyfield Farm 2020 Current
The Toro Company 2019 Current

For 40 years we’ve moved mountains by inventing, elevating and amplifying brand voices to create a meaningful impact.

We believe every brand has a true voice that is compelling, distinctive and clear. We help brands find the voice that gives them the best opportunity to compete and win.

We believe the world of brand and the world of sales aren’t separate destinations. They are fundamentally joined and the success of one profoundly affects the future of the other.

We have the best minds across disciplines, specialists with years of experience who know your category and are dedicated to your success.

We’re not interested in the useless baubles of marketing vanity. We live in the real world, where brands do things and make things that influence actual customer decisions.

We’re also not data fetishists who can’t connect analysis with humanity or culture.

So let’s go.

  • Kathy  McCuskey

    Kathy McCuskey

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Grant Smith

    Grant Smith

    Executive Creative Diretor

  • Chris Rahill

    Chris Rahill

    Executive Director of Insights and Innovation

  • Lori Sharbono

    Lori Sharbono

    Director of Business Development

  • Dave Morrisette

    Dave Morrisette

    Director of Client Services

  • Shawn Pals

    Shawn Pals

    Group Creative Director

  • Seth Rockers

    Seth Rockers

    Chief Financial Officer