We’re not a specialist shop. We’re a shop full of specialists — unified from agencies, retailers, brands and startups. We know our model works, because the first thing we unified was ourselves, combining Advantage Solutions commerce, e-commerce and media agencies into an industry-first model of effectiveness.

And we bring a no-ego, all-outcome mentality.

Using advanced data and tech, we converge Activation, Content, Commerce Media, E-Commerce, Search and Trade to unlock commerce scale for clients.

Where marketing expands across an increasing number of channels, we unify. 

  • Victor Lee

    Victor Lee


  • Allison Welker

    Allison Welker

    EVP Client & Customer Engagement

  • Dino de Leon

    Dino de Leon

    Executive Creative Director

  • Marcella Oglesby

    Marcella Oglesby

    Executive Creative Director

  • Priyanka Rattana

    Priyanka Rattana

    VP Business Operations

  • Fahim Naim

    Fahim Naim

    SVP Amazon

  • Stephanie Rogers

    Stephanie Rogers

    SVP Strategic Services

  • Valerie Bernstein

    Valerie Bernstein

    EVP Marketing