We’re not a specialist shop. We’re a shop full of specialists — unified from agencies, retailers, brands and startups. We know our model works, because the first thing we unified was ourselves, combining Advantage Solutions commerce, e-commerce and media agencies into an industry-first model of effectiveness.

And we bring a no-ego, all-outcome mentality.

Using advanced data and tech, we converge Activation, Content, Commerce Media, E-Commerce, Search and Trade to unlock commerce scale for clients.

Where marketing expands across an increasing number of channels, we unify. 

  • Victor Lee

    Victor Lee


    Victor is a preeminent builder of brand-loyal global audiences; transformer of legacy-based organizations into digital-first companies; driver of category-leading sales programs; developer of agile, analytic mindsets; and reinventor of creative and media-buying processes. He previously served as chief marketing officer at Kin Insurance and RXBAR, where he led marketing, communications, commercialization, shopper, media, product development and consumer insights. He earlier served as senior vice president, digital marketing at Hasbro and senior vice president, marketing at Digitas.
  • Allison Welker

    Allison Welker

    EVP Client & Customer Engagement

    A co-founder of one of AUC's legacy agencies, Alli specializes in bringing boutique-level hustle and attention to brands across verticals. Embracing the one true industry constant of change, Alli has led the charge in unifying offerings for AUC. Midwest-born, Alli has spent her career on both coasts, building successful relationships at every stop.
  • Dino de Leon

    Dino de Leon

    Executive Creative Director

    Dino has been creatively solving marketing problems for decades. With a traditional advertising background, his curiosity and passion for challenging norms led him to leadership roles with digital, promotional and shopper agencies. The consistent theme being to deliver unexpected, strategic and successful ideas for world-class brands.
  • Marcella Oglesby

    Marcella Oglesby

    Executive Creative Director

    A wanderer by nature, Marcella found a true home at Advantage and began crafting her creative department in 2013. She respects that great design can save a bad idea, and bad design can sink a good one. Marcella has the courage to challenge those around her — counterparts and clients — to be better and dream bigger. She inspires AUC's creative teams and client partners with boundless energy and an eye for what's next.
  • Priyanka Rattana

    Priyanka Rattana

    VP Business Operations

    Priyanka is as book smart as she is worldly and as strategic as she is enthusiastic. She leads the business operations department naturally, implementing efficient practices by drawing upon decades of experience across industries with stints at Choice Hotels, SupportEd and digital consultancies. Once resources are utilized to her standards, she redoubles her efforts to improve processes across the board.
  • Fahim Naim

    Fahim Naim

    SVP Amazon

    Former Amazon category manager turned agency founder, Fahim started eShopportunity, a leading e-commerce and Amazon growth consulting firm. His team of a dozen Amazon specialists is now fully integrated into AUC and supports categories like beauty, health and personal care, and hardlines.
  • Stephanie Rogers

    Stephanie Rogers

    SVP Strategic Services

    Both a student and teacher of the digital world, Stephanie is constantly learning and sharing knowledge. For 25 years, she has brought her entrepreneurial spirit to every facet of digital marketing from planning through measurement while leading agency relationships, building teams and instituting offerings.
  • Valerie Bernstein

    Valerie Bernstein

    EVP Marketing

    With 20-plus years of marketing experience, Val solves business issues with creative thinking, strategic acumen and a small dose of dictatorship. She brings forward the best of AUC, tailoring services to client needs by listening, architecting solutions and leading teams through onboarding. She has led smooth agency transitions for clients with complicated organization structures and large brand portfolios that span multiple categories, including beauty, beverage, food, appliances and retailers.