Client Start Year End Year
McDonald's Corporation 1994 Current
State Farm Insurance 1998 Current
The Clorox Company 2007 Current
Tobacco Free Florida 2009 Current
Molson Coors 2017 Current
PepsiCo 2018 Current
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 2019 Current
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2019 Current
Marriott International 2020 Current
PNC Bank 2011 Current

Alma is an agency of modern culture marketers with diversity and inclusion in its DNA. Unlocking culture through effective emotional storytelling is at the core of what we do.

Powered by thought leadership, creative effectiveness and excellence since 1994, we honed our skills in segmentation starting with Hispanic, and have taken that skillset and applied it to the myriad segments that represent modern culture in America.

To truly connect with those segments, it is not enough to tell great stories. To drive connections and our clients’ business growth, we have to tell the right stories. To do that, we go deep to unlock deep cultural insights and help brands find their soul.

We do this by mining for specific consumer insights to create authentic, emotionally-driven stories that impact brands’ bottom line.

This approach has made us one of the top multicultural agencies in the U.S., with 23 Cannes Lions, 6 EFFIES and six-time recognition on AdAge’s Agency A-List, as well as other national and international accolades.

  • Luis Miguel Messianu

    Luis Miguel Messianu

    Creative Chairman, CEO

  • Isaac Mizrahi

    Isaac Mizrahi

    Co-President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Alvar Suñol

    Alvar Suñol

    Co-President & Chief Creative Officer

  • Angela Battistini

    Angela Battistini

    SVP Account Services

  • Michelle Headley

    Michelle Headley

    SVP Operations

  • Angela Rodriguez

    Angela Rodriguez

    VP Strategic Insights

  • Michelle Cobas

    Michelle Cobas

    VP New Business

  • Leo Peet

    Leo Peet

    VP Finance

  • Michael Sotelo

    Michael Sotelo

    VP Digital