Client Start Year End Year
Aspen Institute Project Play 2018 Current
Barclays 2017 Current
CDC 2010 Current
ESPN 2019 Current
Home Base 2019 Current
Progressive 2006 Current
PUR 2013 Current
Saucony 2019 Current
World Wildlife Fund 2019 Current
Amgen 2016 Current

Arnold is an independent-minded, creatively driven advertising agency. Seventy-five years ago, as other agencies were putting their last names on their doors, Arnold Rosoff put his first name on his. Since then, Arnold has been creating work that reaches tens of millions of people, yet somehow makes each individual person feel like that work was created just for them. Work that is universal and personal all at once. Work that builds brands, but travels through today’s complex media landscape. We do this for a diverse portfolio of partners that includes both iconic brands and challengers. Arnold is headquartered in Boston.

  • George Sargent

    George Sargent

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sean McBride

    Sean McBride

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Bre Rossetti

    Bre Rossetti

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Scott  Stedman

    Scott Stedman

    Chief Growth and Product Officer

  • Julianna Akuamoah

    Julianna Akuamoah

    Chief Talent Officer

  • Cass Taylor

    Cass Taylor

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Vallerie  Bettini

    Vallerie Bettini

    Chief Client Officer

  • Lucy Ferrante

    Lucy Ferrante

    Chief Finance Officer