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PGA Tour 2014 Current
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Hungry Howies 2017 Current
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Assembly is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stagwell Inc. Stagwell is a team that goes beyond the traditional holding company, offering a portfolio of companies and capabilities to help brands win at all stages of growth. We consist of over 1,500+ employees, across 20 countries, and 30 offices, investing over $5BN in media billings on behalf of our clients.

Assembly is strategically aligned across our agencies to integrate the best Communications, Technology, CRM, Loyalty and Omnichannel capabilities into one award-winning media services offering. Add in a proprietary data backbone, media activation machine, and the hiring of world-class creative talent, and we’ve got a truly unique offering: a media agency with all the knowledge to actually grow business and partnership consultancies with all the muscle to actually execute strategy.

And that’s not just some sweet agency talk, it’s genuinely what makes us different.

We say WE HELP BRANDS FIND THE CHANGE THAT FUELS GROWTH because we believe we ought to be doing so much more than “delivering” messages efficiently (and expecting the best results). We should be a partner that changes actual consumer behavior in a way that drives your business.

We take the best of our talent and capabilities to create bespoke solutions to our clients needs. We are a performance agency that makes a difference. We created Assembly with deliberate size, scope and capabilities in mind, that make us inherently nimbler, more adaptable and more responsive to change. We created an agency that rewards clients who change their minds. We think change is good. The pace of digital means that nothing is fixed, and brands that aren’t constantly challenging their thinking risk being left behind. We see the complexity of change in the context of what’s possible, and show brands opportunities, every day.

Our approach is built on fundamental, agile principles: ruthless prioritization of work to ensure we deliver maximum business impact and performance. This not only shapes our approach to managing campaigns, but also guides our working relationships with clients as we understand their business needs and build solutions to deliver against them.

We are transparent partners. Performance can only be realized when there is a true partnership between a brand and their agency. We are passionate about transparency. We not only provide access to your fulfillment team through a variety of collaboration tools and communication methods, those truly integrated, best-of-breed team members work together for the good of your business, providing honest assessment of priorities, clarity of thought, tenacity and practical solutions, not checklists.

We have learned how to scale and remain flexible. Our competitors range from large holding companies to more boutique, channel-specific agencies. Our unique position as a midsized agency is that you get the scale and resources of a large agency with the nimble, fast-paced customer satisfaction culture and attitude of a small agency. This means dedicated teams that immerse themselves on your business and own your results, bespoke service agreements that fit your needs, flexibility in adding and subtracting team members during critical moments in time, and teams that stay with the company and working on your business over multiple years, not months.

We are the specialized partners that clients need. Finding the changes that fuel growth for your mission.

  • Brad Simms

    Brad Simms

    Chief Product Officer

  • Kim Sivillo

    Kim Sivillo

    President, Clients

  • Shannon  Pruitt

    Shannon Pruitt

    Chief Content Officer

  • Jon Schaaf

    Jon Schaaf

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Al  Stadnyk

    Al Stadnyk

    VP Director of Analytics & Data Science

  • Charlotte Polci

    Charlotte Polci

    SVP, Biddable Media Group Director

  • James Townsend

    James Townsend

    Global CEO

  • Valerie Davis

    Valerie Davis

    President, North America

  • Kendra Mazey

    Kendra Mazey

    Chief Client Officer

  • Tim Lippa

    Tim Lippa

    EVP, Strategy

  • Sheila Hollins

    Sheila Hollins

    SVP, Integrated Media