Welcome to Bailey Lauerman. We are an independent advertising agency headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. We’ve been named one of the Most Effective Independent Agencies in North America, according to Effie Effectiveness Index. We love working in partnership with some of America’s most iconic brands including Cuties, The Walt Disney Company, Panda Express, TD Ameritrade and Union Pacific.

As an agency designed to fuel success for modern marketers, we look for dynamic leaders inside of any given client organization who have big aspirations, great instincts and ultimately, look to their agency partners to help solve some of their toughest challenges – from transforming a category, to introducing a new offering to engaging a diverse set of audiences – we dig in and together, create the kinds of tangible business outcomes CEOs dream of.

And ultimately, we believe that people are inherently good. And, if we do our job of representing the brands on our roster in the very best light possible, good things happen. Consumers embrace those brands and make them a part of their lives.