• Haribo

    Haribo's first factory in the US

    Confectionery company Haribo has opened its first factory in the United States, producing the iconic gummy bears. Reporting for TODAY, NBC's Maggie Vespa shares an exclusive first look inside the candy-making facility.

    TODAY.com, 08/27/2023

  • Barkley Helps Teens Slip Into Stylish Red Lobster Bibs for a Less Messy Prom

    Barkley Helps Teens Slip Into Stylish Red Lobster Bibs for a Less Messy Prom

    Red Lobster Provides Prom-Going Teens With Stylish Drip Bibs. The Prom Drip Bib, created by Barkley, ties into the fun of prom.

    Adweek, 04/21/2023

  • Smoothie King chooses Barkley

    Smoothie King chooses Barkley

    Moms of CMOs offer advice, Goodby exec gets game-winning football at Super Bowl, Smoothie King chooses Barkley, and more.

    Ad Age, 02/17/2023

  • Kathy Najimy Predicts Serious Legal Woes in Funny ARAG Ads

    Kathy Najimy Predicts Serious Legal Woes in Funny ARAG Ads

    These major setbacks are going to require a little more than hocus pocus.

    AdWeek, 08/24/2022

  • An Open Letter to Whole Brand Thinkers: Let

    An Open Letter to Whole Brand Thinkers: Let's Take Over the World

    “Let's build a new kind of capitalism, one that doesn't reward brands doing whatever it takes to be successful. Brands should actually add value to people's lives — for consumers and employees alike, in ways that don't deplete the Earth, in ways that matter more than neutrality. It's time for a version of reality where whole brands and whole brand thinkers rule. Let's go make that world.” Read more in The Muse by Clio — "An Open Letter to Whole Brand Thinkers: Let’s Take Over the World," by Tim Galles, Barkley’s chief idea officer and director of The Whole Brand Project.

    Muse by Clio, 12/08/2021

Client Start Year End Year
LL Flooring 2021 Current
Teach For America 2022 Current
NatureSweet 2018 Current
CARFAX 2023 Current
Smoothie King 2023 Current
The Salvation Army 2022 Current
Dum-Dums 2019 Current
University of Louisville 2022 Current
CommunityAmerica Credit Union 2022 Current
E-Z-GO Golf Cars 2022 Current

Barkley is a full-service, independent creative idea company that helps build whole brands and their biggest possible future.

We are a full-service advertising and marketing agency with 500+ partners who have a breadth and depth in capability and expertise across our four offices in Kansas City, Denver, New York and Pittsburgh. We are recognized as an AdAge A-List Standout Agency and a Top 5 Forrester-ranked lead agency for our proven demonstration to build brands for modern consumers.

We are committed to knowing modern consumers better than anyone. And one thing we know for sure: modern consumers don’t see brands like most marketers, as parts and pieces. They see brands as the sum of every experience they’ve had with a brand — the whole brand.

Our process is rooted in the pursuit to build whole brands, starting with finding and declaring the brand idea — what we call the red thread — guides, inspires and connects every action a whole brand takes, from marketing ideas to business ideas. What the brand says and does internally matches what it says and does externally. And, ultimately, a whole brand measures success by balancing profit and performance across the "spectrum" with its impact on people, the planet and communities.

At the heart of Barkley is our core belief to Add Good to all we do — inside and outside of our company.

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