Client Start Year End Year
American Express 2019 Current
Brighthouse Financial 2016 Current
FanDuel 2019 Current
Samsung 2018 Current
TAP Portugal 2017 Current
The Trade Desk 2018 Current

BBH was founded on a belief in the power of creativity. A belief that ideas create the space for brands to grow. That founding principle still holds true, but our creativity is now expressed in far more than advertising. Today we offer market-leading specialist practices from comms planning to innovation, design to UX, PR to social media, agile content creation to analytics, and much more - all united by a shared creative ambition and unparalleled culture.

Our overarching philosophy can be traced back to the very beginning (1982), when we created perhaps the most iconic campaign in Levi’s history. It went against the grain and was the first ad in its category that didn’t feature models or jeans. It simply showed a flock of white sheep all facing one direction, with one black sheep facing the opposite direction. The line said, “When the world zigs, zag.”

This idea and the ethos behind it became the foundation driving force of the agency and our culture. It’s the foundation of our culture, it directs the talent we hire, the clients we attract and, of course, the type of work we do.

Driving a brand’s “black sheep” into white space has become the strategic underpinning for how we unlock The Power of Difference to Make a Difference. It’s about finding what truly makes a brand unique, and leaning into that difference to uncover the white-space position in market and in the world, across culture and in all communications.

It’s this insightful, strategic imperative that paves the way for breakthrough work. We are a culture defined by the power of difference, restlessness curiosity, innovation and creativity. Years from now, we will continue to do what we have spent the last 30-plus years doing best: delivering powerful, iconic work that helps define culture and delivers big results through a brand’s most surprising and compelling difference.

  • Tom  Callard

    Tom Callard

    Head of Planning

  • Jonathan Mackler

    Jonathan Mackler

    Executive Creative Officer

  • Brett Edgar

    Brett Edgar

    Managing Director

  • Sarah Watson

    Sarah Watson

    Chairman, Global and NY CSO