Client Start Year End Year
Great Southern Wood Preserving | YellaWood 2012 Current
WesBanco 2014 Current
The Home Depot Rental 2015 Current
Mitsubishi Electric North America 2015 Current
Highmark Insurance Group 2016 Current
Bayer HealthCare 2016 Current
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen 2017 Current
Mylan Pharmaceuticals 2017 Current
Lehigh Valley Health Network 2018 Current
Zep 2018 Current

Brunner’s mission is summed up in a simple line, Powerful Ideas for Business and Life. It encapsulates everything that we do, and you do - so let’s unpack it.

It all starts with powerful ideas. Most customers today will receive more information in a year than a renaissance man received in his lifetime. In such cluttered and demanding times, it is a powerful idea, a single thought, a story well told, that demands attention. From ice buckets to #MeToo, when a thought takes hold it can define cultures, change mindsets and inspire action.

This speaks to our focus on results, and more specifically, results built on the unique needs of your brand and your industry. We start with the end in mind and from day-one, our strategies are built with that desired result at the center.

However, it is the addition of “and life,” that sets Brunner apart. In creating transformative ideas and results, our team, our clients and our client’s customers are at the heart of what drives our work forward. Simply put, people are at the front and center of what we do. This ensures that our ideas resonate and create an emotional impact on everyone who experiences them. Consumers want brands to stand for more than just the products they sell. It’s our focus on the human understanding and our experience in regulated, retail industries that makes us perfect to sell your story.

Our mission and differentiation provide you with the following benefits:

Simplicity. We take your complex data story and create clear, actionable strategies that will resonate most with your customer.

First to Market. Leverage our “run, test and learn” methodology to go from conversation to campaign in half the time.

Maximized Budgets. Target spend to the most profitable customers, at the time and in the most important trade areas.

Accountability. Measure and optimize results at the channel level as well as through multi-touch attribution.

Collaboration. Long-term teamwork built around candid and trusting relationships.

  • Michael Brunner

    Michael Brunner


  • Scott Morgan

    Scott Morgan

    President, Partner

  • Rick Gardinier

    Rick Gardinier

    Chief Digital Officer, Partner

  • Rob Schapiro

    Rob Schapiro

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Jeff Maggs

    Jeff Maggs

    Managing Director, Atlanta

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