Great Southern Wood Preserving | YellaWood


We had inspired customers to create a five-star backyard, but with competitors changing to a similar approach, YellaWood was at risk of losing it’s category leadership. It was time to take things up a notch... several notches, actually.

Brands benefit from an emotional connection, but it’s difficult to connect with lumber. But connecting with animals? Well, that’s as universal as connecting with friends and family. We created a ragtag team of lumber-thieving beavers working tirelessly to get their paws on the best of the best.

Brunner combined breakthrough creative with a data-driven disruptive communication to reach both the trade and consumer. The omni-channel campaign included social media, in-store point of sale, website integration, a leading-edge predictive analytics tool for highly targeted TV, sports sponsorships, email, and high-impact traditional print and out of home.