Client Start Year End Year
intuit TurboTax 2010 Current
Spectrum (Charter Communications) 2015 Current
Whole Foods 2019 Current
Dave and Busters 2021 Current
Carl's Jr. / Hardee's 2023 Current
Experian Consumer Services 2013 Current
Nordstrom 2017 Current
Nordstrom Rack 2020 Current
Michaels Stores, Inc. 2019 Current
Conn's HomePlus 2022 Current

Trailblazing through 40 years in the media and marketing industry, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, is a Dallas-based independent agency with more than 160 employees in cities across the U.S. – including New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore. We partner with want-to-get smarter leaders from the world’s biggest brands – from TurboTax to Whole Foods to Michaels – to provide media-agnostic, transparent, insight-driven media and marketing strategy and execution that drives stellar results.

  • Jennifer Farquhar

    Jennifer Farquhar

    SVP Out-of-Home

  • Allen Klose

    Allen Klose

    SVP Consumer Insights

  • Tae Yoshida

    Tae Yoshida

    SVP Digital Operations

  • Doug Paladino

    Doug Paladino

    VP Programmatic Video

  • Steve Lybrand

    Steve Lybrand

    SVP Planning

  • Sonia Raval

    Sonia Raval

    SVP Business Intelligence

  • Paul  Low

    Paul Low

    SVP Paid Search & Shopping

  • Alfred Van Hoven

    Alfred Van Hoven

    SVP Accounts

  • Stuart Watson

    Stuart Watson

    SVP Martech and Advanced Analytics

  • Juliet Corsinita

    Juliet Corsinita

    SVP "Converged" Media

  • Alex Richter

    Alex Richter

    Owner - CMO & Chief Culture Officer

  • Ben  Cooper

    Ben Cooper

    Owner - President, COO

  • Sam  Bloom

    Sam Bloom

    Owner - CEO