Around here, we believe that if you think you know, you probably don’t. And if you once did, you no longer do. If what worked yesterday works again tomorrow, it may be for an entirely different reason.

The tried, in other words, may no longer be true.

That means we assume nothing. Question everything. Recheck the data. And the other data. Make sure.

Then we readily resist the conventional—creating, inventing, crafting something unexpected instead. Something magical even. Something you may have never thought possible.

Because every day is new here, every assignment an opportunity to un-frame our thinking. To venture outside the Comfort Zone. To take the uneasy path.

Welcome to Canvas. Make yourself uncomfortable.

Canvas Worldwide is the product of a joint venture between independent agency giant, Horizon Media, Inc., and the ambitious marketing services group, Innocean Worldwide. The joint venture between Horizon and Innocean was announced in August, 2015.